Our Vision - Help Our Customers Move Faster

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Our Vision

Openet is a company founded on the principle that great technology can create value for our customers. Right now we see incredible opportunity to set our customers free to move more quickly; setting their business departments free to innovate, while enabling their technologists to stay closely in step. Some of the key capabilities that make this possible are outlined below.

Collaborative DevOps

Openet's Collaborative DevOps capability enables quicker, more effective customer collaboration and thereby a faster path to success. Find out how and why we have reshaped our software delivery model to enable our customers to directly influence our roadmap and see software updates realised much more quickly.

Automated Network

The automated network has the potential to change the way everything works for modern service providers. Here at Openet we believe that it is being held back by a vendor community who believe that they have more to lose than gain, so we are here to shake things up a bit. Visit our dedicated Openet Accelerate website to learn more about how we are making the automated network more simple, so that it can deliver business value today. 

Software Virtualization

To us here at Openet it may be old hat, but virtualized technology is not yet the norm for every service provider in the world today. Learn more about why you should consider virtualizing your existing systems, and why you would be crazy to move to a new system that is not fully virtualized.