Policy Manager

Real-time control of network resource consumption based on almost any variable imaginable.

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What is Policy Manager

Policy Manager is a standards compliant next generation network policy management product that enables service providers to dynamically control network resources with real-time policies based on service, subscriber, or usage context. By enforcing business rules at the network-edge, Openet Policy Manager enables dynamic allocation of bandwidth, Quality-of-service (QoS) variables, and access to network resources by interfacing with any inline network enforcement points—whether they are compliant with standards or are based on proprietary interfaces. These powerful business rules do not just control network capacity and QoS, but also enable new business models and innovative new services within today’s networks as well as tomorrow’s LTE, SAE, and IMS architectures.

As with all Openet products, Policy Manager leverages the industry-leading engineering within the Openet Framework to deliver the performance, scalability, and flexibility demanded by the world’s largest and most complex carrier networks.

How Openet Policy Manager Works

Gain Intelligent, Real-time Control

With Openet Policy Manager, service providers can make real- time decisions over subscriber access to network resources based on volume (usage or time), speed, application type, and/or priority. Policy Manager enables subscriber- and session-aware policy decisions that are triggered by real-time and/or pre-defined events and conditions, such as changes in subscriber profile, account plan, current network capacity, and source of network traffic. Operators can meet the demand for convergent services since Policy Manager works across multiple networks, including: voice, data, and video services; legacy and next generation networks; and wireless, broadband, and cable networks.

Offer a Personalized Experience

With real-time control over what, when, where, and how subscribers can access content, applications, and services, operators can utilize openet Policy Manager to deliver innovative and personalized services that enhance end-user experience while meeting their business objectives. Flat-rate data plans can be replaced with service plans that offer different tiers of speed, usage, and/or prioritization to better meet the diverse usage needs of customers and to monetize network resources. Operators can give subscribers real-time control over their services with Policy Manager, such as offering parental or business service controls. Policy Manager can also be used to support revenue-sharing partnerships with third-party content providers to provide enhanced experience to subscribers, such as prioritized QoS or increased bandwidth.

Leverage Real-time Policy and Charging

Openet offers the ability for service providers to not just control subscriber entitlement and network resources, but to charge for that control with an integrated framework of real-time policy management and charging. Openet Policy Manager can be integrated with the charging, rating, and balance management products that are part of the Openet platform. This framework enables operators to offer innovative, convenient, and flexible ways for subscribers to buy and use their services, such as on-demand services, real- time upgrades, service passes, and Advice-of-Charge alerts. The integrated solution offers the performance, low latency, and scalability required to handle thousands of transactions per second (TPS) that are required for complex policy and charging scenarios.

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