Interaction Gateway

Enabling secure, real time interaction between network systems and network users.

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What is Interaction Gateway

Openet Interaction Gateway (IG) is a gateway function enabling operators to efficiently manage the real-time interaction between smart devices and back end BSS/OSS systems. By deploying Interaction Gateway operators can enhance customer engagement with the dynamic up-sell of services, enhance mobile self-care by exposing real-time network functionality and improve network management by enforcing policy decisions on devices.

How It Works

Advanced Customer Engagement and Smarter Up-sell of Offers

The Interaction Gateway enhances the effectiveness of existing operator campaign management solutions using a flexible decision rules engine. The decision rules engine uses real-time network event triggers, cached subscriber profile and historic usage data to select the best customer offer. Operators can quickly configure the decision rules to launch and optionally orchestrate the provisioning of new offers quickly, and to monitor offer take-up in real-time. These offers can be sent out to the subscriber using the many notification communication channels available in IG.


Enhance Mobile Self-care with Policy and Charging Control Integration

Openet Interaction Gateway provides a central access point through which smart devices can securely interact with information stored across many network systems. Interaction Gateway integrates with policy (PCRF), online charging (OCS) and other back end BSS/OSS systems (CRM, SPR, Middleware etc.) to enable customers to view their real-time data usage, account spend details and to set personal and corporate limits. Interaction Gateway features a carrier grade integration layer that supports multiple protocols including Diameter, SOAP, HTTP and GTP and is designed to allow easy integration with both operator and third party applications.


Device Based Policy Decisions & Intelligent WiFi Offload

Interaction Gateway in conjunction with an Openet ANDSF Server and a client installed on the subscriber handset provides for device-level policy enforcement, enabling optimized device and network interaction for granular control of services. This solution enables operators to monitor and manage application behaviour, set application priorities and manage network access. Dynamic offloading polices can then be delivered directly to the smart device. Interaction Gateway brings additional value to operator Wi-Fi offload strategies by leveraging the BSS/OSS integration to enable smarter real-time decision making when applying device side offload policies.


More Effective Communication With Your Subscribers

The Interaction Gateway provides a component for notifications across all Openet products. This server utilises the personal settings of each subscriber (which are stored within Profile Manager) to determine the method for notification. As well as personalised notification methods, the Interaction Gateway provides support for multiple language preferences and Spam restrictions/settings, e.g. Max X notification per hour (NPH). Notification templates are provided to allow highly configurable and customisable notifications as well as full audit and logging to monitor which notifications have been sent to which subscribers.