Evolved Charging

Openet Evolved Charging is a convergent charging solution designed to meet the demanding requirements for operators migrating to Evolved Packet Core (EPC), LTE & IMS Charging architectures.

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What is Evolved Charging

The mobile industry is evolving at a faster rate than ever. Higher speed networks coupled with the continuous advances in data centric devices, customer behavior, and expectations are changing the landscape of the industry.

Operators are under increased competitive pressure to deploy complex products and services with a reduced time to market, and they demand business agility to support rapid service innovation. This evolution needs to be supported by a new approach to monetizing mobile services which is real-time, highly flexible and cost effective to deploy alongside existing infrastructure investments.

Openet Evolved Charging provides a next generation monetization capability for new and existing services, with Tier 1 grade performance and the business flexibility required by the world’s leading operators.

Openet Evolved Charging allows new services to be launched rapidly. It can be deployed quickly as a standalone on-line charging system and also as an adjunct billing system delivering business value without impacting existing infrastructure investments and enables operators to explore new business models and innovate service offerings.

How It Works

Accelerated time to Market for New Services

Openet Evolved Charging is built on a central rules based architecture that enables faster time to market and provides significant operational savings. Rating tables are driven by rules that are easily configured through a GUI accelerating the development of new offers and plans. These rating tables can be maintained and built by product marketing, as well as technical personnel, which can speed up the process for operators to develop, test and launch new plans and react quicker to customer and market advances.

Ease of deployment and Return on Investment

As an adjunct system, with proven interoperability with leading Intelligent Network (IN) charging and post pay billing platforms, Openet Evolved Charging allows operators to quickly apply real-time charging and rating to all their subscribers for data and traditional mobile services. Evolved Charging can be deployed quickly allowing operators to solve business challenges and drive new revenues within weeks of deployment in contrast to the multi-month cycle associated with traditional billing replacement programs. The introduction of new services such as VoLTE and integrated data and voice bundling requires a real-time coordinated approach to service charging across data and circuit switched voice. Openet Evolved Charging delivers a cost effective real-time charging and rating solution for both advanced data offerings and traditional voice services.

New Business Models and Service Innovation

New data charging models demand more systems flexibility and real-time co-operation between charging and policy systems. Openet Evolved Charging integrates seamlessly with the market leading policy management offering, Openet Policy Manager, to deliver new pricing models and service innovation. Evolved Charging supports spend alerts to reduce bill shock, dynamic pricing models with real-time notification triggers, shared device plans with usage dashboards, advanced service bundling (fixed and mobile, family plans and dual persona enterprise plans). Emerging models for cloud services, Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Over the Top (OTT) partnership require an evolved charging platform to flexible control service entitlements, set quality of service (QoS) parameters and to apply real-time charging models.

What's the next step?

Download Charging White Paper

Openet and leading telecoms intelligence firm, Analysys Mason teamed up to produce a white paper on Real-time BSS and where it is going, particularly in relation to charging.

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Download Charging White Paper