Convergent Mediation

Consolidating and unlocking network data to deliver strategic business insight.

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What is Convergent Mediation

The role of mediation is changing. Driven by increased and varied data usage enabled by high speed networks, such as LTE, mediation has advanced significantly from when its purpose was to collect CDRs for billing. Mediation has evolved to collecting network and usage data across a wide range of networks to be used as the primary source of customer usage for business intelligence as well as support a wide range of OSS / BSS functions, including charging, billing and policy. Openet Convergent Mediation provides a single, enterprise-wide platform with the scalability and configurability necessary to address the billing mediation, network event processing and data collection challenges within fragmented and diverse operator networks. By deploying Convergent Mediation operators can consolidate their existing mediation platforms onto one future platform, ensure network data is harnessed by IT systems to deliver business insight and to deliver strategic solutions based on network usage monitoring and network analytics.

As Telecom Operator’s adoption of virtualization and distributed application architecture progresses, a higher degree of complexity is introduced to the manageability and operability of the virtualized application. Openet’s Mediation Virtualization System for Linux Environment (MVS-LE) is introduced to fulfill the requirement to simplify manageability of the Mediation Platform in a virtualized environment - Learn More 

How Convergent Mediation Works

A single platform for data collection and processing

Convergent Mediation consolidates point solutions and legacy mediation functions into a single platform thus supporting IP, IMS and traditional circuit switched data providing a central source for all customer usage records. By removing duplication, operators can reduce hardware costs, simplify configuration and support the complex mediation required for diverse network events across multimedia, voice and data services. A single mediation platform has the additional benefit of abstracting applications from data sources within the network which reduces the time to market when adding new application and data sources.

Enabling IT systems to harness network data to deliver business insight

Convergent Mediation transforms network data into business information by collecting disparate, multi-source, raw network data, processing it and distributing the information in real time to downstream IT systems. Network usage and interaction data can be enriched with quality of experience statistics from network probes and delivered in different formats to OSS/BSS platforms and to both internal and external data warehouses. Insights derived from network data can lead to more targeted service offerings, improved network performance, faster resolution of customer support issues, and optimization of the overall customer network experience.

Delivering strategic value through network analytics & network usage monitoring solutions

Convergent Mediation can be used to deliver strategic solutions relating to network analytics, network usage monitoring and customer behavioural analysis. By collecting data usage information directly from the network to reveal customer usage habits, and integrating this data with third party systems (e.g. an established data warehouse, an analytics platform, or an outbound marketing system) Openet can deliver context sensitive predictive marketing and ‘best customer offer’ solutions. Operators can also leverage convergent mediation to track and audit billing records and other data flows through their network and OSS/BSS to minimize revenue leakage. Usage monitoring solutions provide network performance and customer usage dashboards, revenue measurements per node, heat mapping of underperforming nodes and subscriber mapping of traffic flows to enrich and improve capacity planning.

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