Openet delivers flexibility and limitless configurability.

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Openet’s modular approach to software enables operators to configure systems that suit their needs faster and with more flexibility than is possible with custom made systems that are difficult and expensive to change.

Deployed within a flexible integration environment called Openet Fusionworks, Openet’s software significantly reduces cost by streamlining integration and configuration while maintaining a flexible and configurable foundation for future growth.

Operators need infrastructure flexibility to grow and respond quickly in a unpredictable and dynamic market. This is possible with the limitless configuration possibilities provided by Openet’s modular software design.

Adjunct Modules

Complex Policy and Control (PCC) solutions interact with a variety of systems, such as profile repositories, account balance managers, and routing functions. Openet can easily integrate with an operator's existing investment in these systems. These functions are also available as adjunct modules that extend functionality seamlessly through integration within Openet's Fusionworks. Some of our most popular modules include:

Balance Manager

Provides complex counters and monitors to manage balances of all types, particularly financial balances.

Offer Catalog

Provides a flexible table driven approach for the definition and creation of new offers, campaigns and bundles across policy and charging control systems.

Profile Manager

Provides a real time view of subscriber information and also provides a front end GUI to allow visibility of PCRF and OCS data.

Notification Server

Provides customer engagement via Email, SMS & push notifications about real-time data usage and to present upsell offers to customers.

Interaction Gateway

Secure API gateway to expose back-end functions to Apps and other services.

Signaling manager

Provides scalability by relieving the signaling ‘mesh’ that can result from complex policy and charging deployments.

Configuration and Deployment Manager

Centralized management and orchestration for complex and virtualized environments.