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At Openet, we understand that time is money. Our customers need market impacting software capability, and they need it now. Our vision is to avoid the path laid out by most of our big competitors and create and deploy those systems as quickly as possible, regardless of their legacy investments. This enables our customers to achieve market impact on a timeline that works for them. Making this happen is only possible with the right combination of vision, technology, people, and a culture and approach that works for our customers. 

Our Vision

Legacy systems should not be an excuse for world class customer impact. At Openet we embrace the latest technology to bring game-changing capability to you. Enter our vision section to understand how the next wave of technology is shaping up to make a difference for our customers.


Collaborative development – build fast, test fast – delivering value - fast

Automated Network

Incredible capability requires world class realisation. Learn how we are proving the business case for the automated network

Our Technology

Openet invests in ensuring that our solutions are based on innovative technology. We were the first vendor to virtualize its BSS offers and our automated network platform is also fully virtualized. The digital market is a lean market and we keep costs down by using proven open source software.


All Openet solutions are built on our fusionworks framework, ensuring ease of integration and run on our full virtualized automated networks platform


Openet solutions are delivered using a range of Openet products and modules


Openet provide a wide range of real-time solutions to drive success on the digital journey

Our People

Investing in people and ensuring that there is a culture of innovation is important to Openet. Our people are key – they ensure success. We invest in finding and keeping the right talent. The average voluntary attrition rate in the technology sector in 17%. Openet’s rate is 7%. Experience counts and Openet has the expertise and experience to help guide our customers on their digital journeys. Over 40% of Openet people have more than 5 years’ service, with 15% having more than 10 years. A culture of innovation drives Openet’s people to solve complex issues that enables our customers to succeed.

CTO Labs

The key research team in Openet. Behind many of the most innovative ideas in the industry for almost 20 years

Technologies Insights Group

Leveraging the latest tech advances to quickly deliver value to our customers


Providing business and systems consultancy to map out the stages of a digital journey

Leading Subject Matter Experts

Openet people are some of the most respected experts in the industry


Ensuring that all solutions deliver value

Our Approach

With digital services there should be no boundaries. Systems, solution and companies need to talk to one another. Openet has always been open. Our solutions can be integrated with any systems from any vendor.
Implementation and time to value needs to be measured in weeks and months – not years. Our adjunct approach allows us to integrate our real-time automated solutions alongside existing legacy systems (such as billing). The dramatically reduces timescales and costs, and enables service providers to have the real-time solutions in place that are essential to roll out digital services.


Our approach to customers is to work with them to meet their goals – this can involve working with partners, new solutions and new businesses. It’s about being open.

Consultative Engagement

We work with customers to solve problems and deliver value. We know that customers want a fast time to value and our consultative approach ensures that they succeed.

Customer Centricity

Our customers come first. Our focus is enabling our customers to succeed in challenging and changing market conditions – with solutions that are right for them.