Innovative Solutions – Delivered Faster

Break free from mega-vendor lock in with agile, open solutions

Innovative Solutions - Delivered Faster

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Changing the Game – quickly and cost effectively

By working collaboratively with customers, Openet speeds up change and delivers value. Our open and innovative solutions enable service providers to escape from vendor lock-in and speed up time to value.

Putting Customers First

At Openet, our success is tied in with our customers’ success. Delivering solutions that drive business value and make a difference has been the goal for Openet since the company was founded in 1998. We’re not a change request driven company, looking to make a quick return at our customers’ expense, by drawing out project timescales.  

The proof: over 96% of our projects have been delivered on-time and on-budget. How many other vendors can say that?

Delivering Quick Wins

Openet pioneered adjunct systems, where we supplied real-time charging systems that sat alongside legacy BSS (e.g. billing systems), and over time handled all traffic as it became IP based. Our investment in modular software and microservices takes this to the next level. We’re now able to supply solutions down to use case level. These could be for use cases, such as shared data, sponsored data, or parental controls. So next time a legacy BSS vendor comes up with a crazy quote (in terms of money and time) for a change request for a new piece of functionality, you’ve got an alternative. The days of mega-vendors holding service providers to ransom are over.


Enabling Change

Openet invests in ensuring that our solutions are based on innovative technology. We were the first vendor to virtualize policy and charging systes. We built microservices based charging solutions using collaborative DevOps when the mega vendors were just talking about it. Our company culture is about constant evolution. We passionately believe that the most adaptable businesses are those that prosper best.  We help our customers transform their businesses and access new revenues and profits by using the latest technologies and methods – in ways ranging from augmenting existing architectures or replacement with more agile and cost-effective end to end platforms.

Changing the game - White Paper

Changing the Game