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Openet's Partner Program provides strategic expertise, technical knowledge and comprehensive support for our global partners.

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Equipment Vendor
Equipment Vendor
Increase your trusted advisor status and increase revenues by re-selling our PCC solutions
System Integrator
System Integrator
Support your customers in designing, planning and delivering revenue generating solutions
Solution Vendor
Solution Vendor
Enhance your own solution by integrating with Openet to deliver best in class performance

Partner Program

Why Become an Openet Partner?

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Open New Revenue Streams
We work closely with our partners to develop a RACI model (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed) which develops a shared understanding of responsibilities to fully grow revenues for both companies.
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Developing Solutions
Openet work with our partners closely to understand the needs of their customers and see how we can transform or develop our existing offerings to help grow your business.
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Seamless Integration
Once agreement is made between Openet and a new partner, we will strive to ensure that our capabilities are integrated with your existing systems or process flows.
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Training Certification
When you become a certified Openet partner you will be provided with extensive training on our products and Openet way of doing things. This will continue throughout the lifetime of our partnership with regular sessions.

Our Partner Path to Success

Establish Joint Needs

Continuous Development

Shared Learning and Collaboration

Our Partner Support Structure

The Openet partner marketing team will be available to you to ensure you have the latest Openet collateral. Below is an example of what we will have available to you. 

In Depth Documentation
Workshops & Webinars
Marketing Materials
Marketing Materials
Case Studies
Case Studies
Quarterly Newsletter
Quarterly Newsletter
Complete Training
Complete Training
  • "I think Openet is a great company to work with as they are the obvious market leader in the Policy domain and the obvious interesting challenger in the Charging. It is just a pleasure working together with you guys."
    Thomas Vasen, Senior Director for Marketing of Customer Experience at Procera
  • "We started the relationship with Openet because we think Openet has a very innovative product portfolio. The initial interaction with Openet was very very fruitful and very very co-operative."
    Harald Braun, CLA Direct
  • Nable in alignment with our technology division happen to work with Openet who share the same kind of vision enabling business outcomes for the telecoms out there. So it has been a pleasure working with Openet because of the similarity of d
    Head of service creation and delivery of N*able

View our Partner Case Studies

Openet and Allot Communications have a proven working relationship delivering new data services, network optimization solutions and improved customer experience to operators around the world.

Openet and Teradata Corp. work together predominantly in North America delivering additional value to Cable MSOs to derive business insight from their subscriber’s viewing activity to improve customer experience and to increase revenues.

Working with industry leading partners

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