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T-Mobile Austria

T-Mobile Austria is a key player within the Austrian telecoms market with 4.5m subscribers representing 31% of the market. Competition is extremely high in Austria and T-Mobile must be innovative and deliver flexible offers with a fast time to market that enables them to strive in a very competitive market.  The solution will manage, in real-time, usage for voice, SMS and data events for all subscribers on a single platform to improve efficiencies and reduces cost. Openet’s virtualized, end-to-end IN-Replacement solution includes next generation Service Delivery Platform and a multi-tenant convergent Online Charging System

"Openet convinced us not only with their leading technology, but also by their ability to deliver technically complex solutions that will help us to launch differentiating new products in our increasingly competitive marketplace,”

-  Ruediger Koester, CTO at T-Mobile Austria

Case study

Delivering the Flexibility to Support Current and Future Charging Requirements at T-Mobile Austria

Customer Testimonial

Ruediger Koster, CTO, T-Mobile Austria


Sprint is one of the largest mobile operators in North America, serving more than 50 million customers. With the fast growth of data traffic and video usage, this operator wanted a revenue-generating infrastructure that would easily scale and secure the customer experience. 

Customer testimonials

Video testimonial from Mike Kasani, Supervisor of Application Development, Sprint

John Gallagher, Manager Telecom Design Engineer, Sprint


Globe is major provider of telecommunications in the Philippines with over 65 million mobile subscribers.Openet’s Digital Business Platform will provide a key building block for the customer engagement strategy of Globe which aims to provide flexible and personalized offers to its mobile customers and its rapidly growing fixed line broadband customer base.



BT Mobile

BT Mobile sees the fixed line incumbent, which has 25.5 million customers, become a true converged operator offering a full quad-play capability (mobile, fixed broadband, paid TV and fixed telephony services). 

BT has installed Openet’s NFV-ready Evolved Charging solution. The market leading converged service provider has selected Openet’s virtualized, real-time BSS technology to monetize its consumer mobile service. BT Mobile will harness the added agility and flexibility of Openet’s real-time charging platform to drive fast time-to-market for its new MVNO venture.

“Openet were instrumental in enabling us to meet our target launch date. The quality of the resources and technical design supplied by Openet allowed us to work collaboratively to deliver a solution to support the highest customer service quality,” says Mark O’Flaherty, Director BT Consumer IT. “We required flexible technology that gives us the ability to react to rapidly changing market conditions. Openet’s virtualized charging solution is perfect for our needs and ensures we have a highly competitive UK market proposition that will help us quickly grow market share.”  


Case Study

The market leading converged service provider has selected Openet’s virtualized, real-time BSS technology to monetize its consumer mobile service.


Press Release

BT Mobile selects Openet to deliver real-time charging for mobile MVNO

Bell Mobility

Bell Mobility has deployed Openet's 3GPP compliant Online Charging (OCS) System to provide flexible monetization for Bell’s data networks as part of it's HSPA network upgrade. The deployment of Openet's charging products will help enable Bell to rollout a broader array of new services and business models.



Charter, a North American cable operator with over 5 million subscribers offers cable television, high speed internet and voice services. In order to improve subscriber experience and deliver additional value they needed to gather information on their subscriber interactions and behaviour to produce impactful, information rich analytic solutions.


Orange Egypt

Orange Egypt uses Openet Policy Manager and Openet Interaction Gateway to deliver advanced user controls, real-time usage information, and a sophisticated channel for interaction with Orange Egypt’s subscriber base of 35 million. Using Openet products to provide transparency into usage and costs gives Orange Egypt's customers control over expenses and increases their trust in Orange Egypt. This drives up customer loyalty which in turn leads to increased data usage and spend.

Subsequently, Orange Egypt implemented Openet’s RTOM solution to present customers with contextually appropriate offers in real-time. The RTOM solution has enabled Orange Egypt to better target upsell offers to its customers, thereby increasing uptake rates and reducing churn.

“At Orange Egypt, our high levels of quality of service standards and targets have made us a leader in the Egyptian market. We continue to invest in best-of-breed technology to ensure that we maintain these levels. Providing transparency into usage and costs gives our customers control over expenses and increases their trust in us,”

Yasser Shaker, VP of Technology



Enabling Self-Care with Real-Time Data for Upselling, Marketing and Bill Shock Controls


Mobinil Selects Openet to Enable Cost Transparency and Rich Customer Engagement




eir, is the principal provider of fixed-line voice, mobile, broadband and IPTV services (quad play) in Ireland with approximately 2 million customers. eir’s mobile division is comprised of Meteor and eir brands offering segmented strategies to appeal to different demographics in the mobile market. eir sees mobile data pricing as a key to providing attractive and innovative offers. As such, they needed to provide flexible pricing and promotion models to meet consumer demand for their 3G and LTE data products and services, and provide the best possible experience for their customers.

“Working with Openet has enabled us to take significant strides forward on our IT strategy. The team enabled us to deliver a truly innovative 4G capability to our prepaid users in ultra-quick time and with no disruption. Openet’s solutions provide us with a flexible and reliable platform for the future monetization of our 4G services.”
Geoff Shakespeare, Managing Director of Technology Evolution and Development, eir




Openet Successfully Enables eircom to Deliver 4G Services to Prepay Subscribers In Time For Christmas

Customer testimonial

Geoff Shakespeare, Managing Director of Technology, Eir

Vodafone Netherlands

Vodafone Netherlands has deployed Openet Policy Manager to control bandwidth and implement network policies for its more than 5 million subscribers. Vodafone Netherlands also use Openet Policy Manager to provide Fair Usage and Tiered Service Controls, which enable the carrier to offer more flexible service plan options and improve control of subscriber traffic.

Case Study

Advanced Service Tiers and Application Management


Leading Moroccan operator, with just over 11 million subscribers and 25.6% market share (February, 2016), INWI wanted to accelerate mobile data innovation and optimize the customer experience through real-time visibility and account control. The operator wanted a policy-based solution enabling them to rapidly deploy new services to subscribers and create new revenue streams to maximize network capacity investments. Overall, INWI wanted to unlock data innovation, accelerate time to market and offer more visibility to its customers.

“Being agile and having the flexibility to react to and capitalize on new market opportunities is a critical contributor to our ongoing success., Our partnership with Openet ensures we offer a high quality and differentiated service to our customers and ensure they remain firmly in control of their service usage. INWI remains completely committed to offering our customers innovation and transparency, with the ability to rapidly react to new opportunities. Openet provides this flexibility.” 

Bernard Buyat, CTO, INWI



Policy Control to Accelerate Data Innovation and Optimize the Customer Experience  

Press release

INWI Migrates to Openet’s Real-time Policy Management Solution to Unlock New Revenue Streams


Telia Lithuania (part of the TeliaSonera Group) is the largest telecommunications company in the Baltics. The service provider uses Openet's Evolved Charging product across the operator's two million-strong subscriber base. The solution has been used to increase pre-pay data usage control with consistent and seamless service regardless of individual plans, while enabling Omnitel to quickly deploy new revenue generating tariffs, promotions and services.

Case Study

Convergent Real-Time Data Charging - Enabling Fast Time to Market


Telekom Austria Group

Telekom Austria Group has Openet Policy Manager across six operating companies in Eastern Europe via Openet partner Kapsch CarrierCom. The six network operators will benefit from spam attack detection and flexible bill shock prevention as well as the implementation of requirements related to roaming regulation. As the leading PCRF (Policy Control and Charging Rules Function) vendor, Openet offers Telekom Austria Group existing use cases cutting down on development effort and time. The deployment of Openet’s Policy Manager makes it possible for approximately 19 million mobile subscribers to benefit from enriched and innovative services that will enhance customer experience.

Case Study

Preventing Spam Attacks and Bill Shock




Tele-Post is the leading provider of telecom solutions in Greenland serving a population of 56,000 offering 3G, LTE and fixed network services. In 2013 they deployed Openet Express solution to remove complexity by converging all Policy decisions for all access networks.

We selected Openet due to their expertise in deploying Policy Management solutions. The Express use cases will enable us to quickly launch new revenue generating services and offers while in parallel improving overall customer satisfaction.

- Andy Aparico CIO at TELE Greenland



Deploying Revenue Generating Policy Solutions Within 6 Weeks


Fixed line operator, Sri Lanka Telecom has over 6M customers and is rolling out high speed broadband services nationwide. In order to increase broadband adoption and stimulate usage, Sri Lanka Telecom needed to provide flexible usage based products that would deliver choice and flexibility for all customers. As well as increasing broadband usage, Sri Lanka Telecom needed controls in place to protect network investment and optimize return on investment.




T-Mobile Netherlands

T-Mobile Netherlands is a leading Dutch wireless provider, with 4.7 million subscribers. With the operator beginning their roll-out of LTE services in 2013, new opportunities for data-based revenue are developing. Openet’s Evolved Charging product was chosen to help them take full advantage of their network investment. Evolved Charging enables T-Mobile Netherlands to offer dynamic pricing models, and helps grow data revenue further through real-time notification triggers, shared device plans with usage dashboards, and advanced service bundling.

Case Study

Evolving Legacy IN Charging and Billing Infrastructure for LTE

Press Release

Openet Closes Deal with T-Mobile Netherlands







Orange Slovakia

Orange Slovakia is one of the most innovative operators in Europe, providing 3G and LTE services to its 2.8m customers. With customer satisfaction as their top priority, Orange Slovakia take pride in listening to their customers and want to be able to respond quickly to new requirements and provide relevant and timely offers.

“Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We take pride in listening to the needs of our customers and rolling out new solutions and services to meet their demands,”
Peter Varga, ITN Director Deputy, IT and Services Engineering, Orange Slovakia. 




Press release

Orange Slovakia Launches Shared Data Plans Based on an Integrated Openet Policy and Charging Solution

Orange Poland

Orange Poland is Poland’s leading telecommunication provider.  Offering mobile, fixed, voice, broadband and TV services with a customer base of over 20M. As part of the world’s leading mobile groups, the quality of mobile services delivered needs to be of consistent high quality that the Orange brand demands, while at the same time controlling costs.



Using Fair Usage & Tiered Services To Deliver QoS & Manage Network Congestion


Videotron is a leader in Canadian telecommunications. As an integrated communications company engaged in cable broadcasting, interactive multimedia development, Internet access services, cable telephony, and wireless; Videotron looks to provide a one-stop shopping experience for their customers—one contact with customer service, one visit from the technician, one monthly bill for all services. 


Orange Group

Under a global agreement, Openet handles both post- and pre-paid multimedia services for Orange Group. We help maximize revenue generation from the company's multiple 2G, 3G and 4G networks by supporting real-time interaction between the customer, the service delivery chain, and the back-office systems. Openet’s real-time transaction management softwate is used by several Orange operators.

Case Studies

Orange Slovakia / Orange France / Orange Poland

Telekom Austria

Telekom Austria


Malaysian operator, YTL launched a 4G WiMAX network to provide converged 4G mobile internet and voice services, and was one of the first operators in the world to offer hi-definition voice calls on a mobile internet network. Providing converged voice and data, pre- and post-paid services, allowed YTL to create compelling, differentiated offerings, such as mobile internet and voice, together in a seamless plan. This is necessary to attract and retain customers in a high churn market. The challenge was how to monetize these offers using a single charging system, and provide the flexibility required to roll out new charging models in response to customer and market advances. 

case study

A1 Telekom Austria

Using Openet’s Policy Manager and Evolved Charging, in a virtualised environment, A1 Telekom Austria was able to meet the EU data roaming regulations and their own Austrian regulations while enabling additional, flexible use-cases. Real-time capabilities and virtualisation have given A1 Telekom Austria the competitive edge to manage data balances, trigger notifications, and provide prepaid as well as postpaid subscribers with maximum flexibility when roaming in the EU. 

Case Study

Data Roaming Management and Support for Advanced Voice Services

Orange France

As a leading mobile operator owning over 40% of the French mobile market, Orange France wanted to  become innovative to cater for new business models and multiply data monetization opportunities whilst improving customer segmentation and targeting. Its aim was also to better enforce service agreements, optimize the overall subscriber experience and reduce data roaming bill shock through real-time controls. 



Accelerating LTE Service Innovation and Enriching the Customer Experience


HT Mostar (branded for mobile services as HT Eronet) is one of 3 mobile operators in Bosnia Herzegovina which has a population of approximately 3.8 million. It provides fixed as well as mobile services in that market. After a number of years of rapid growth in mobile penetration, Bosnia Herzegovina continues to evolve rapidly, especially in the mobile market.