Frost and Sullivan – Growth Opportunities in 5G

Leading analysts Frost and Sullivan, have written this paper looking at the role the 5G Value Plane plays in the transformation of how service providers can become strong enablers of premium 5G service offerings.

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Monetizing 5G at Hyperscale

The new revenue opportunities opened up by the move to 5G are built on a set of richer capabilities enabled by Cloud, automation, and programmability of the network.

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Enabling the Potential of 5G

5G offers enterprises the opportunity to incorporate new potential avenues of growth. Download the latest whitepaper.

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Amdocs Policy Datasheet

Amdocs Policy masterminds new value to deliver intelligent services to customers by controlling, managing & monetizing the enhanced characteristics of the 5G network

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Amdocs Openet NWDAF Solution Brief

Network Data Analytics Function (NWDAF) is a new 5G capability that provides predictive analytics to ensure quality of service is delivered for 5G.

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Amdocs Networks NEF Datasheet

Network Exposure Function (NEF) is a 5G capability that provides access to network data & various resources for different industry ecosystems through enterprise applications.

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Standalone 5G and what can we learn from Amazon

As 5G standalone networks proliferate the market, this paper explores the changes that are starting to happen in the telecoms industry.

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Real Time Data: Taking CX to New Levels

Assessing how real time data can advance customer experiences and optimize operations for service providers. Find out more!

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Reaping the Full Potential of 5G

The 5G ecosystem is expanding, and businesses across several industries are striving to ride the wave to complete digital transformation. Download the latest whitepaper to find out more!

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The Journey to Telco Cloud

Addressing the considerations service providers will face in the move to the cloud. Download the latest whitepaper to find out more!

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Charging’s Next Phase

Delving into the next phase of 5G Charging capabilities and what the future holds in this everchanging landscape. Download this paper to find out more!

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5G and the Expanding Enterprise Opportunity

Assessing the expanding opportunities within 5G, enterprises can further develop their solution portfolios and innovate user experiences while ensuring commercial success. Download the latest whitepaper to find out more!

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Cloudonomics & Agile Digital BSS

Focusing on the economics of the public cloud, Cloudonomics assesses digital BSS as the foundation for 5G network efficiency. Download the latest whitepaper.

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Policy’s 5G Edge

With 5G and its release of newly tradable network currencies, Policy moves to centre stage. Download the latest Policy whitepaper.

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Amdocs 4.0: 40 Ways to Play in the Metaverse

The metaverse is upon us and it brings with it fertile ground for value creation and new revenue. Service providers are in a prime position to both enable and participate in all the metaverse has to offer. This eBook explores 40 unique use cases which demonstrate where value is being realised in the metaverse

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Network Exposure – NEF

Network Exposure Function (NEF) is a new 5G capability allowing service providers to expose the benefits of 5G to a trusted ecosystem of partners.

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The Data Refinery – Data Fabric

Amdocs Network Data Fabric is a real-time data processing solution which converts data traversing the network into actionable insights and revenue-generating events.


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