5G Guaranteed quality of service: Monetising the network to grow 5G revenues


Openet were proud sponsors of the annual telecoms.com industry 2020. This was a great opportunity to get a view on how service providers are looking to monetise 5G and see the impact of Covid-19 on their digital transformation plans.

In this paper we analyse the results of the digital transformation section of the telecoms.com survey to answer the following questions: 

  • Is data a commodity?
  • Will customers pay a premium for 5G Quality of Service with specific (QoS) services?
  • What services with built in QoS will deliver most revenue?
  • How much extra revenue will 5G QoS generate?
  • Quality of service wholesale service level agreements
  • How many partners will service providers need? 

Download this paper to get access to these crucial findings that are helping shape 5G revenue growth up to 2025 and beyond.