Policy’s 5G Edge


The reinvention of telecoms is underway.

Digital transformation, 5G roll-outs and getting ready for Stand Alone 5G are having a major impact on service providers. This is especially true in IT and network software, as these functions evolve from being ‘back office’ functions to becoming front and center enablers for service providers’ evolution and change.

In this paper we explore the importance of Policy control in 5G and how it will play an increasingly important role in the management and monetisation of 5G offers and networks. You’ll learn about topics including:

· The Expanded Role of Policy in 5G as the “Brains of the Operation”

· Use Case Diversity and the key role of Policy

· Policy at the Edge: strategic Cloud Partnerships and Policy’s edge roles

· 4G Resurgence: consolidated Policy as enabler for both 4G and 5G

And more!


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