TM Forum – Pricing, Service and Partner Innovation


In this whitepaper from TM Forum, they look at how 5G and cloud computing offer communications service providers (CSPs) an opportunity to rethink services, pricing strategies and approaches to partnering. In doing so, they outline how this can revolutionize telecommunications in the same way that public cloud providers have revolutionized computing.

The whitepaper covers the following topics:

  • How 5G is different from LTE, and why different pricing strategies and business models are needed
  • Why the ability to experiment is key
  • Why operators need to build a new relationship between their technology and business departments to innovate successfully using 5G
  • Why mobile private networks represent risk and opportunity
  • How the role of connectivity is changing
  • Which roles CSPs can play in partnerships to deliver 5G capabilities

How CSPs could use connectivity-as-a-service, network-as a-service and network slicing to deliver 5G services