Monetizing 5G at Hyperscale


The new revenue opportunities opened up by the move to 5G are built on a set of richer capabilities enabled by Cloud, automation, and programmability of the network. Cloud-based 5G is garnering a lot of attention as Cloud makes automated infrastructure scaling and network edge transaction processing possible. These scaling and edge capabilities are key to many of the new revenue models enabled by 5G. Operators are increasingly partnering with hyperscalers to embed new efficiencies and intelligence into their networks enabled by Cloud technology advances. Similarly, vendors are redesigning their solutions to be Cloud-based to support this evolution of the telco ecosystem.

In this paper, we lay out how the promises of 5G are progressing rapidly to become reality and are benefitting significantly from optimised Cloud-driven scale. We also describe how Amdocs’ Cloud-native 5G Charging solution, in collaboration with Amazon Web Services, is successfully demonstrating at scale capacity of 12 billion complex charging transactions daily. 


Topics include: 

  • Delivering the 5G business case with Cloud-driven flexibility
  • The B2B opportunity for operators – accelerated by 5G
  • Digitisation of Enterprises and the evolution to Industry 4.0
  • The next wave of high-volume charging use cases
  • Cloud scaling for emerging use case monetisation