Monetisation in the era of 5G


As 5G network deployments get underway, many CSPs are still struggling with monetising LTE networks and many more have yet to identify the business case for 5G. Capabilities such as network slicing, which will be enabled by 5G, will present CSPs with an opportunity to explore new business models and revenue streams. Before CSPs can monetize 5G, they will need to invest in a myriad of IT and business capabilities to support the evolving demands of the telecoms industry.

5G will enable mobile service providers to sell more than connectivity to enterprise customers. Download this white paper to find out:

  • How network slicing can be used to control Quality of Service and provide network Service Level Agreements
  • How to open 5G networks to partners to create 5G service partner ecosystems
  • How cloud based enterprise marketplaces will enable a wide range of service provider 5G offers that can be delivered ‘on-demand’