Amdocs 4.0: 40 Ways to Play in the Metaverse


The metaverse is upon us and it brings with it fertile ground for value creation and new revenue. Service providers are in a prime position to both enable and participate in all the metaverse has to offer. These days it seems as though all anybody in the digital or tech world wants to talk about is the “metaverse”. But, what does that even mean?


This north star ambition of Big Tech is centred around the idea of creating a digital experiential ecosystem; a woven tapestry of virtual worlds stitched together to generate a seamlessly immersive digital dimension, so to speak. Sounds rather remarkable, right?


Since its conception, the metaverse has captivated technology innovators as it encapsulated the boldest ambition for advanced connectivity for many in the digital community. An ambition that, if realised, would embody a culminated manifestation of what was truly possible through technology. The ultimate breakthrough – breaking the barriers into a parallel virtual reality where people could opt to live, work, and play continuously in real-time, in a very real way…


Now, why 5G matters to delivering the metaverse?

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