Amdocs Openet NWDAF Product InfoBook


Network Data Analytics Function (NWDAF) is a new 5G capability that provides predictive analytics to ensure quality of service is delivered for 5G.


5G is opening up an array of new features for service providers to leverage in the creation of new value. Network Data Analytics Function, or NWDAF, is a novel 5G function which provides a layer of intelligence across the 5G network through predictive analytics and proactive network optimisation. NWDAF monitors the performance of all other functions which comprise the 5G network to ensure quality of service is maintained and the end user experience is now impacted by network anomalies.


NWDAF will play a critical role in the realisation of network automation. As 5G standalone becomes established, networks will become incredibly complex serving a multitude of verticals across a vast number of network slices. This complexity will necessitate the automation of the network, making the embedding of NWDAF a key decision in the deployment of 5G today.


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