Strategy Analytics – Expand 5G Value Plane with NEF and NWDAF


Forget about the difference in speed between 4G and 5G, you can do thing with 5G you simply couldn’t do with 4G. For the first time Standalone (SA) 5G makes it possible for service providers (CSP’s) to ‘Platformize’ their Network Functions (NFs) and provide secure access to 3rd Party Enterprise Apps.

Why is this important? It’s through these capabilities that Telco’s will be able to expand their ability to create new services and revenue streams.

Strategy Analytics, leading analysts, have written this paper looking at the role these new network functions will play in the transformation of how CSPs can become strong enablers of premium 5G service offerings instead of working as background connectivity providers. They examine the role Network Exposure Function (NEF) and Network Data Analytics (NWDAF) will play in enabling the four key service areas which they believe will be the biggest revenue generators in the long run, these service areas are:

  • Network slicing
  • Cloud enablers
  • Edge services
  • User configurable services