The Network Brain – 5G Policy Solution Brief


Policy control will be critical to managing the complexity of 5G. From multi-cloud to network slicing, 5G presents a massively more complicated set of network conditions that will need to be dynamically managed for optimum network performance and ROI. Policy, or the “Network Brain”, provides the command centre for the neural network. The ability to command a multitude of virtual network functions in parallel requires a new approach to policy management. To address this evolution, we have redesigned and rebuilt our Policy product from the ground up to make it 5G native.

2022 is already proving to be a big year for 5G deployments as operators look to monetisation opportunities and return on investment. Amdocs and Openet have come together to combine our strengths in IT and Network to better enable our customers to win big in 5G. In this series, we will provide a deep-dive into each product area (5G Policy, 5G Charging, 5G Data, 5G Analytics, 5G Exposure). This week, we are launching our new Policy InfoBook which is now available for download.

Explore the ‘Network Brain’:

  • Role for Policy in 5G
  • Key Benefits and Features
  • Why We’re Different