Society, Group & Share Schemes


101 Use Cases for 4G and 5G

2022 Edition


In this chapter, we give a snapshot of ways in which service providers around the world have undertaken to go above and beyond to support communities. Now more than ever, economies and societies are depending on reliable connectivity to survive and flourish. With this in mind, service providers are leveraging their networks to find new ways of serving wider society.

We look at some of the ways in which service providers are utilising 4G and 5G technology to support environmental monitoring, smart cities and fostering innovation for small-to-medium-sized businesses. We also explore the rollout of new ‘affinity offers’ to reward the service of front-line workers during the pandemic and the enablement of charitable donations through loyalty programmes.


4.4 AR (Augmented Reality) Supporting Local Tourism in Hong Kong

As tourism reopens so too will peoples’ need for local and tourism information. One service worth noting is the CSL 5G lens service. This is an AR service that provides visual effects and information over well-known Hong Kong landmarks, but it can be used to receive marketing offers and promotions from CSL partners in real-time. The opportunity here is for the delivery of personalised and real-time contextual offers and the service provider either gets an advertising fee, or indeed a percentage of their partners’ revenues from purchases made relating to the AR offers.


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