Analytics Driving 5G Differentiation


101 Use Cases for 4G and 5G

2022 Edition


In this chapter, we look at the role of NWDAF (Network Data Analytics Function) in the creation of predictive insights that serve to enable a more intelligent and performant network. NWDAF enables the 5G network to operate with greater efficiency and deliver a consistent quality of experience by providing a predictive understanding of the network and the consumer using past, present and future performance and consumption patterns.

We delve into the types of use cases that will be made possible with NWDAF, from context-aware targeted marketing to predicting the actual experience delivered by a specific network slice. NWDAF will become a key functional enabler for network automation and the realisation of the full efficiencies promised by 5G.


6.4 NWDAF Enabling Contextually Aware Targeted Marketing

Knowing your customer has always been the core tenet of marketing. This used to be a largely static concept, where a profile on a particular ‘type’ of consumer persona was defined and the criteria and needs of that profile were targeted to again and again regardless of whether there had been a change in consumer behaviour. With 4G, the ability to harness data insights on what the consumer was doing at a given time became utilised to serve customer needs more accurately as they arose. This also enabled propositions around geo- locational targeting where offers from retail outlets were pushed at consumers who were in the proximity of a store.

With 5G and the reinstated importance of data privacy, the use of data analytics to better understand the customer has become more intelligent. The use of augmented reality type solutions creates a new forum in which service providers can market relevant products and services based on a real-time knowledge of the customer’s experience and consumption behaviour. Operators are in a prime position to enable retailers to intelligently target consumers with meaningful offers.


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