Ten Honourable Further Mentions


101 Use Cases for 4G and 5G

2022 Edition


In this chapter, we provide a readout of ten bonus market examples of how service providers are getting creative and finding new ways to drive revenue. From providing assurance around supply chains to enabling integrated IoT applications, service providers are demonstrating that it is time to reimagine how the network can serve society.


10.4 TIM Focus on Supply Chain Partnerships: From Farm to Fork

Some service providers will see agriculture as a key area of focus for 5G-driven IoT. Early moves in agricultural IoT have been justified for sustainability as well as productivity reasons. TIM in Italy has partnered closely with Italian farmers’ association Coldiretti. Projects and plans include 5G automated vehicles, integrated real-time readings of crop health, weather forecast data and temperatures, soil fertility and water stress via online portals as well as traceability using blockchains.

Another example is Agroscope, a centre for agricultural research in Switzerland working together with operator Sunrise UPC. The centre has deployed real-time sensors that measure soil moisture, crop growth, weather data and animal movements. These sensors have allowed farmers to decrease the amount of nitrogen fertiliser use by roughly 10%, without any corresponding loss in crop yield.


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