Expanded Media & Convergent Plays


101 Use Cases for 4G and 5G

2022 Edition


In this chapter, we look at new ways in which service providers are expanding their portfolios into media and converged services to offer more diverse packages to the end customer. Driving account value and securing loyalty is key to remaining competitive in the consumer market. Bundled package offerings allow for the needs of multiple family members to be served through a single account.

Service providers are increasingly looking to content partnerships to provide exciting new experiences for consumers. These can range from gaming add-ons to bundled streaming services to enriched sports fan packages. Some service providers are also looking to advanced device offerings to add something new to their bundles.

1.4 EE Shift the Focus to the Gadget

If the mega-bundles are just too expensive for a given market, then one tactic can be to switch the focus to a new device. Some users have been a bit underwhelmed by smartphones for a while but have been primed for VR and AR for some time and we can expect device manufacturers to carry out huge amounts of promotion in the coming years. Some of those devices may even be sold directly to end-users (in partnership with telcos, of course). Others can be sold through telco channels as standalone items whether prepaid or postpaid or as an add-on to existing bundles. Future connected “gadgets” will include cars, wearables and a spectrum of other devices including security cameras and smart meters.

EE UK is known for device add-ons having been an early promotor of the Apple watch with directly connected eSim. More recently, it has been promoting the Sony PlayStation VR starter pack. Expect a lot more to follow on the VR front from EE.

Of course, everyone loves something for free and somewhat at the other extreme from VR add-ons is Proximus’ free WiFi booster for their own home-WiFi, in addition to free setup. Such free but highly useful add-ons can gain additional loyalty and tip decisions in favour of their bundles.


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