5G for Consumer


101 Use Cases for 4G and 5G

2022 Edition


In this chapter, we delve into the consumer-focused applications currently being trialed by service providers globally. 5G for consumer has proved to be a more stubborn market to materialise as the competitive value 5G could deliver for end users was somewhat unclear as the 5G standards started to be defined. However, it seems clear now that experience is the domain of differentiation for consumers.

All-you-can-eat data with zero-rated app access for partnered content (if you were lucky) never presented a great deal new for consumers to get excited about when they evaluated which operator to go with. With 5G, the creation of new innovative experiences will be key and experience will prove to be the ground on which service providers compete for consumer success.


3.1 AT&T Launches Augmented Reality Reading Experience

AT&T are pushing ahead with their 5G consumer strategy and have announced an array of novel consumer-focused applications. These will include AR-aided shopping experiences in stores and the ability to reliably download content at airports. Who would have thought the day would come?! In early 2021, AT&T announced that it was giving customers access to Bookful, a partner app which generated augmented reality experiences around books to improve reading comprehension. New and existing customers with an AT&T 5G device are offered a 6-month free subscription to the Bookful app. A creative way to support independent learning for children after most families around the world tackled home schooling during the pandemic, showing the present need for technology to better support remote learning.


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