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Policy Control - Differentiate, Control and Manage Network Resources

Policy is a critical provider of network control and differentiation. It has enabled service providers to optimise finite network resources and categorise end users into segments. These segments are then allocated specific quota allowances and / or speed entitlements (throttle). The service characteristics: quota and speed, need to evolve smoothly and be finely-tuned over time as the users’ needs adjust. These characteristics also need to adjust in line with the finite capabilities of the network itself as it evolves. There is no point in a service provider over-promising and under-delivering but network resources can be optimised.

In the past, “Policy” has become synonymous with “speed”, “quota allowances” “data limits”, “roaming control” (since roaming allowances can also be handled) as well as “speed boosts”, “service upgrades”, “shared data” and “anti-bill-shock” (since notifications of usage can be built in).

Benefits of Policy

As networks and user experiences have evolved, so too have expectations of end users. Controls need to be self-manged by those users in real-time via a service-provider’s app. User experiences can even be seamlessly managed in the background with zero-touch from the end user. Seamless, real-time control of user experiences can occur where a user is prioritised based on their segment or historical use of data, but in the context of where they are and what they are using “right now”. The impact can be dramatic in terms of impacts to operator Opex and Capex requirements, as well as end user quality of experience (churn reduction).

As we move rapidly to 5G, Policy control takes on an ever more critical role:

  • Handling more device types and density of device populations connecting to the network spontaneously
  • Defining and enabling “slices” for different segments and devices: some requiring occasional high bandwidth and others needing lower-bandwidth but ultra-reliability

The role of Policy has become more similar to an air-traffic controller in a busy airport. Different device segments connecting to different network “slices” create a mesh of service options and control requirements never seen before. Networks need to smoothly evolve to 5G while their 3G/4G assets work seamlessly with new 5G assets. Of course all of this needs to be smoothly monetised.

Why Openet for Policy?

  • Openet is the most credible and proven Vendor focused on combinational 4G/5G Real-time Policy and Charging Controls
  • Openet has unmatched experience of growing with operators all sizes and assisting them to scale and evolve their businesses rapidly and move to cloud-based systems

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