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What is Openet Data Fabric

The Openet Data Fabric provides a truly strategic and comprehensive approach to data management, data processing and data governance.

Providing a unified data intelligence platform, the Openet Data Fabric enables the integration of all data sources for the purposeful extraction of specific data to fulfill the specific needs of business systems and users.

Modular in design, the Openet Data Fabric is built with a microservices approach, leveraging Openet's extensive interface library and leveraging Open Source technologies to ensure open data innovation. 

How You Can Engage With Us

Free to Use with the Option of Added Value as Your Business Needs Evolve

Free of charge

Free of charge

The Openet Data Fabric is available today free of charge to deliver on all of your data strategy needs.

Value Added Microservices

Openet provide a wide range of value added microservices and tooling capabilities that can be introduced to the data fabric over time as required.

Business Specific Applications

Openet also offer solution applications to deliver on the particular data needs such as Converged Mediation, Revenue Audit & Control, Multi-Platform Video Analytics and Virtual NA.

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