MVNO and Second Brand

MVNO and Second Brand

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MVNO & Second Brand Launch

The MVNO play is becoming an increasingly attractive business model to a growing number of organisations worldwide. The global mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) market was valued at USD 54.1 billion in 2017. The market is expected to register a CAGR of 8.8% during the forecast period, 2018-2023.

The highly competitive nature of the global MVNO market, coupled with typically low margins, means that it is no longer sufficient for players to complete on price alone. While the increasing adoption of connected devices and growing penetration of mobile devices are leading to a significant rise in the number of mobile network subscribers, operators must be careful to look for MVNO opportunities that complement their value proposition, limit cannibalisation of their own customer base, and ideally expand the market by targeting new customers and/or new use cases.

For existing service providers who want to target a particular sector/segment/target market, a second brand strategy becomes an extremely compelling business model to adopt. Since the parent company provides the network access, there is an opportunity to avoid large upfront and ongoing costs that traditional operators have. Furthermore, if the business model is 'online only', then significant savings can be realized by serving the customers via digital channels.

MVNO/Second Brand Success Factors

MVNOs are skilled marketers. The successful development of an MVNO requires the mastery of seven success factors:

  • Possessing a strong brand and being able to transpose it to new markets
  • Adaption of the offer to the target customers
  • Bringing to the market innovative offers in terms of price and/or content/services
  • Being customer & service quality oriented
  • Disposing of sufficient financial capacity to establish a long-term presence on the market
  • Must create the right mix of products and services
  • Adherence to core services– products and services with well-established demand.

Our Consulting Services

Business Case Analysis

  • Entry strategy
  • Segment analysis & definition
  • Value proposition
  • Pricing strategy
  • Target market
  • Revenue model
  • Competitor analysis
Business Case Analysis
Go to market plan development

Go to market plan development

  • Marketing, sales & operations
  • Business processes definition
  • Sales & logistics definition
  • Customer service model
  • Governance strategy

Launch Preparation

  • Design and implementation of the strategy and assure that the business plan is executed in full
  • Assure a quick roll-out of all necessary elements for the launch.
  • Minimize deviations in the launch program, both in costs and time-frame.
  • Establish the launch master plan
  • Definition of the first level of the business processes map
  • Development of a “critical path” through the systematic identification of main activities and key milestones
Launch Preparation