Cloud and Automation Strategy

Cloud and Automation Strategy

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Supporting the journey to NFC, DevOps and the Cloud

As networks virtualisation initiatives continue to gain momentum and adoption of cloud technologies becomes more widespread, telecoms operators have begun to see benefits from the efficiencies and service flexibility that were only promised just a few years ago. Openet Consulting has been working with our customers on the front-lines of their evolution to virtualised networks, and helping to drive their DevOps strategies and Micro-services architectures to enable them to successfully transition to cloud-based, automated networks.

Why Openet Consulting


M I C R O - S E R V I C E S A R C H I T E C T U R E S A N D D E V - O P S

In today’s highly competitive telecoms markets operators are increasingly expected to:

  • Deliver a superior customer experience;
  • Improve service agility;
  • Bring innovative products to market quickly; and
  • Leverage real-time data and analytics in business and operational decisions.

Meeting these expectations require operators to think differently about their OSS/BSS infrastructure and current business and operational processes, in particular the software development lifecycle. Industry metrics show that using Agile methodologies results in more productive and efficient software deliveries to the business; extending this to CI/CD and DevOps can further enhance organisational performance. 

We work with operators to analyse their current operational processes and, based on best practices, develop a blueprint for transitioning to Agile and DevOps methodologies to help them meet market expectations.


Among the expected benefits of NFV are reductions in operators’ CapEx and OpEx, through use of COTS hardware and the automated management and orchestration of virtualised network functions. This necessitates investments in building out the required NFV infrastructure and some operators, typically the smaller ones, can be faced with difficult business decisions in this regard. We work with operators to develop the business case and strategy for their NFV rollouts, as well as planning around fast-tracking these deployments, including the tactical and more long-term strategic benefits it can form. 

Network Automation

Some of the challenges that are presented as a result of NFV deployments and SDN networks can be overcome by intelligent operations automation of a multi-vendor ecosystem, and by moving beyond simple cloud infrastructure level orchestration to extend automation to the network functions and business applications in the cloud data center. We work with our customers to evaluate vendor-supplied and open-source solutions for enhanced operations automation, analytics, and assurance, and offer recommendations to meet specific business objectives. We also help our customers to fully leverage the benefits of virtualisation technologies and cloudbusiness practices to more efficiently develop and launch products and services that more readily meet the needs of their end-users.