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5G Strategy

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5G Strategy Consulting

Many operators are well on their way to transforming into digital service providers, and 5G marks an important step in that process by enabling new capabilities and delivery mechanisms via a new network architecture. However, the investment associated with a 5G transformation project is not insignificant. It is critical for service providers to rapidly recognize a return on that investment. Openet Consulting offers Operators the opportunity to understand the critical steps needed to deliver 5G and the key business use cases to ensure a return on investment.

Key 5G Considerations

5G Consulting Services

5G Vision & Themes

  • Digital Enablement, Distribution and Deployment
  • Performance improvements
  • Cloud Native applications and Containers Evolution to operational sustainability and automation
  • New business models
5G Vision & Themes
5G Building Blocks

5G Building Blocks

  • Critical aspects of 5G
  • Network Softwarization
  • 3GPP Standards
  • NFV & SDN
  • Edge Computing

5G Architecture

  • 5G base engineering requirements
  • Evolution to 5G – 3GPP Architectural Options
  • Non Stand-Alone and Stand-Alone architectures
  • 5G Interfaces and Service Based architecture
  • Microservices
  • Network Slicing
  • Service Chaining
  • Policy and Charging
  • Analytics
  • Network Exposure

Use Cases & Business Drivers

3 key categories:

  • Enhanced Mobile Broadband
  • Massive Machine Type Communications
  • Ultra-Reliable and Low Latency Comms
  • Consumer and Business Applications
  • On-Demand Networking
  • Extreme Real-time
  • Walk-Through Use Case Examples