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Evolved Charging

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Real-Time, Open and Digital: Setting the Standard for Digital and 5G Monetisation

The Openet Evolved Charging Suite (ECS) offers a real-time charging solution that allows operator’s to manage the rating and charging of user activities on the network in real-time. ECS is enabled by our cutting edge rating capability giving credit control to service providers, and spending control to their end users. ECS allows an operator to have a single solution for pre-paid and post-paid subscribers. This enables operators to provide more relevant upsell offers and even hybrid pre and post propositions. Subscribers today expect real-time visibility and real-time provisioning of offers and plans. Batch uploads will not suffice. Giving them the ability to self-serve is key in the Digital era.

  • Faster time to market – Our Offer Engine is the beating heart of our Evolved Charging Suite. It allows an operator to configure offers faster reducing time to market by up to 70%.
  • Low TCO - ECS provides market leading price performance which supports full virtualisation or containerisation of all components
  • Deployment Flexibility - Openet ECS supports various deployment models like full IN Replacement, adjunct charging capability, fully integrated Policy and Charging (PCC) all the way to Microservices and joint development models 
  • Leverages Open Source - Openet ECS leverages industry accepted open source components, using Docker and Kubernetes for automating deployment, scaling, and management of services

Why Openet for Charging?

  • ECS is designed for flexible, agile and dynamic support of service convergence and new product or service roll-out
  • It supports easy adoption of new models for charging and monetisation, closely integrated with policy control
  • The solution is extensible to support the Service Based Architecture of 5G and new models like Network Slicing. Our 5G charging capability can provide dedicated instances per network slice all the way to network edge if required
  • Openet is the most credible and proven vendor focused on real-time monetisation for 5G


Digital transformation and 5G - A new approach to charging that is ready for the world of 5G

According to a recent TMF report, up to 72% of 5G revenue growth is dependent on transformation of operational and business support systems (OSS/BSS). Then, there’s also the on-going digital transformation that every operator is going through. Not to mention the usual suspects of faster time to market, the need to sell a wide range of digital services, and the need to manage increasingly complex value chains. Openet has produced a detailed white paper on what monetisation needs to provide for digital and 5G services.