Big Data Preparation

Enabling operators to ensure the quality and speed of the data fed to analytics platforms as well as providing the scale to cope with the increasing volumes of big data.

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Gaining insight and value from big data and turning this into business advantage is about volume and speed.With data volumes exploding, more connected devices than ever before operators are faced with a problem about cost effectively managing the sheer scale of data that devices and services are generating. Traditionally operators have derived value from relatively small scale batch data processing. These days are gone – operators need to get actionable intelligence and value from huge volumes of streaming data. BDPE is critical to making sure operators have clean data to make clean decisions and trigger the right actions.

How Big Data Preparation Engine Works

Big Data Processing Engine (BDPE) is a massively scalable virtualized real-time customizable software platform that can absorb billions of records a day from multiple data sources, perform arbitrary tasks such as de-duplication, aggregation, correlation etc. and then write the results to multiple output destinations within seconds.

BDPE allows operators to solve “Massive Volume/Instant Decision” business problems which were historically uneconomic to address with older technology and are not practical to do with the current generation of “Big Data” tools.