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Smarter Engagement™: Taking CEM to the Next Level


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Personlized Engagement, Personalized CEM, Increased Revenues

Gaining a holistic view of customers including network, service, usage and profile data from all touch points build the foundation for CEM. Having the ability to action this data and deliver personalized context aware offers and proactive care in real-time takes CEM to the next level. Yet the ability to gain a holistic customer view is seen as the main roadblock for CEM (TMF service provider survey, September 2015).  CEM is primarily used to increase customer satisfaction, and according to service providers the main growth area in increasing customer satisfaction is providing personalized services.

Big Data Preparation: The Data Foundation for CEM

Openet’s Big Data Preparation Engine takes big data – including structured and unstructured, covering network, service, usage, profile customer data and turns this into smart data. This provides a holistic view of the customer and can provide the basis for improving many facets of CEM, including customer care (both self-care and call centre), offer management, service assurance, personalized marketing, churn prevention and loyalty management.

Openet Engagement Suite:  Providing Contextual Offers, Care and Marketing

The ability to offer personalized solutions is seen by CSPs as the most important attribute of customer satisfaction (which is the main driver for CEM). Adding a real-time dimension to this makes the offers all the more timely and relevant. Openet’s Real-time Offer Manager (RTOM) enables service providers to quickly develop new offers and automatically map these offers against customer context (real-time network and usage data, combined with historical customer information). Customer context can trigger real-time offers to be made via the most relevant channel. This could be an upsell of a music service, or even a simple message apologising for a blip in network quality when watching a video.




Big Data Preparation

Enabling operators to ensure the quality and speed of the data fed to analytics platforms.

Real-time Offer Manager

Personalized, relevant and timely offers for digital services.