Tiered Service Controls

Increase data revenue with highly segmented data tiers featuring different usage allowances and interim data limits.

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The increasing availability and demand for rich content, over the top applications, and other new IP-based services are leading to exploding demand for bandwidth. Many operators are also finding that the data needs of subscribers are becoming increasingly diverse. In this environment, flat-rate access plans with best effort delivery are not effectively meeting subscriber needs and may lead to unprofitable and/or unsatisfied users.

The Openet Tiered Service Controls solution enables service providers to dynamically allocate network resources based on service tiers. With Service Tier plans, operators can cost-efficiently and intelligently manage network growth, more effectively meet the consumption needs of their subscriber segments, and better match revenues with network utilization.


How Tiered Services Works

Advanced segmentation via data tiers is a core customer monetization strategy

The one size fits all approach to data, which is prevalent in many markets through ‘all you can eat’ data plans with all customers receiving the best available speeds, is not tied to customer needs or indeed optimal revenue generation. Customers with unlimited plans often have relatively modest usage patterns and are paying a premium for something they do not use. Offering a tailored number of data tiers to the customer will allow them to better match their usage need to their actual data bundle and provide up-sell opportunities when the needs of the customer change. Tiered Service Controls allows operators to improve their yield from data services by introducing advanced pricing models to satisfy the varying needs of their entire subscriber base.

Tiered Service Controls balance consumer needs with revenue & network utilization

Openet’s Tiered Service Controls solution allows an operator to offer a data tier to cater for each segment of the data usage market place. Tiers can be constructed based on any combination of network speed, data quota and quality of service based on customer importance. Offering this level of segmentation ensures that operators can launch data tariffs to cater for a wide range of customer usage profiles and price points. Fair Use and Interim limits can be applied to the data entitlement on each tier and up-sell opportunities can be triggered by SMS/Email or push notifications direct to the device to ensure optimum customer engagement with their data plan. In this instance a customer can move to a tier with a higher usage allowance or purchase a data service pass for short term network access. Quality of Service restrictions can also be applied to data tiers where customers with higher mobile spend continue to receive optimum data speeds during periods of congestion.