Shared Data Plans

Reduce churn and increase data revenues by enabling shared data plans for multiple users and multiple devices

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Shared Data plans are a proven data revenue driver, initially confined to the North American market but this has now expanded globally, with customers paying a small additional fee for the ability to share their data balance.  Balances can be shared dynamically with other users on the same network or across multiple devices from a single user.  Operators have also benefited from a reduced churn profile from customers who value the convenience, flexibility and improved value of shared data plans.

How Shared Data Works

The Openet Shared Data Solution is a policy and charging control (PCC) solution that can be integrated into existing policy and charging systems.  The Openet solution consists of 3 components, Interaction Gateway, Offer Catalog & Balance Manager:

  • The sharing tariffs (including eligibility, sharing rules and the priority for balance consumption) are configured in the Offer Catalog
  • The Balance Manager maintains all the balances in real-time
  • The Interaction Gateway provides a secure gateway for user controls via a smartphone self-care app where subscribers can control sharing, view balances and alter allowances between devices/subscribers.

What the Customer Can Do

Data Share:

Data Share allows a subscriber to grant friends/family members or other devices access to a pool of data that is managed by them. Phonebook integration allows a user to share data with a contact direct from the phonebook. The data ‘donor’ can set limits on sharing with each recipient and they can cancel sharing at any time.


Data Gifting allows a subscriber to transfer a portion of their allowance to another subscriber. Data Gifting works in the same way as Data Share, the ‘donor’ selects the recipient from their phonebook and the amount of data they wish to gift.

Why Openet?

Openet’s Shared Data solution provides operators with unrivalled flexibility in defining the types of Shared Data propositions that they wish to bring to their customers. Not only can operators give customers the option to share data in real time among multiple devices & family members, they can also give customers the choice to ‘gift’ a portion of their data to another subscriber. Additional blocks of data can be purchased if a customer reaches their data bundle limit and all of this can be controlled on the customer’s device for maximum engagement.

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