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Awaken dormant roamers with direct to device data roaming offers

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Data roaming offers operators opportunities to drive incremental roaming revenue but can also present challenges through unexpected charges leading to bill shock. Dealing with both of these elements in concert allows operators to give consumers transparency and the confidence to utilize data services while abroad without the fear of bill shock. Offering customers real time tracking of their roaming usage and spend, and the ability to purchase roaming data passes on device has been a challenge for operators. Openet’s Roaming Controls Solution seeks to solve this puzzle.

Regulatory and consumer pressure is driving change

In the EU and other regions regulatory pressure is increasing to reduce charges and improve customer controls & transparency. The introduction of roaming spend limits in many jurisdictions has placed regulatory requirements on operators to provide notifications and an opt-out facility at certain monetary thresholds. This constitutes the bare minimum effort for operators and does not adequately meet the needs of almost half of mobile subscribers, who switch off their mobile data while roaming.

Improve customer data roaming revenues quickly without the threat of bill shock

Not being able to monitor their data roaming usage and spend while abroad leads many to switch off their data access, according to a recent European Commission survey 47% of respondents do just that. On device purchasing and control via a smartphone app offers subscribers full visibility of their data roaming usage. As smartphone penetration rates increase and customer concerns in relation to value, transparency and control are overcome, data roaming adoption rates will increase. Data roaming services passes can be created in a matter of weeks allowing the operator to launch and alter plans quickly, enabling them to take advantage of the market opportunity.

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