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Increase offer uptake and data revenues by enabling real-time contextual offers direct to the customer device

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Traditionally offers are not real-time. They depend on either pre-planned/pre-configured schedules, or off-line processing based on historic activity. Openet’s Real-time Offer Manager enables real-time offer presentation via intelligent contextual offer mapping. Upsell offers are triggered by real-time customer context (e.g. usage information, application access, location, profile etc) and sent in real-time to the customer device, which enhances offer relevance. The additional contextual awareness along with the ease of addition of new more granular offers through Real-time Offer Manager will lead to higher offer takeup and data revenues for operator offers.


Why implement Real-time Contextual Offers?

A recent survey of 87 mobile operators by Openet illustrated below, shows that there is a significant opportunity to increase data usage and revenues by implementing real-time contextual offers. Operators indicated that they could increase offer uptake by 75% and increase data revenues by 15% if they had access to a solution that would allow them to push real-time context based offers to their subscribers. Direct to device offer presentation and service provisioning also has the potential to reduce customer care and sales costs by an average of 11%.




How Real-time Offer Manager works
How Real-time Offer Manager works

How Real-time Offer Manager Works


The Openet Real-time Offer Manager Solution is implemented on the Openet framework, alongside an existing policy and charging control (PCC) system. The complete solution consists of 3 components; Interaction Gateway, Offer Catalog & the Profile Manager:

  •     The Offer Catalog defines which offers a subscriber can select and activate, and all associated details of an offer
  •     The Profile Manager manages the subscriber’s current offer status, and controls offer allocation based on criteria such as offer expiration
  •     For customer engagement, the Interaction Gateway interfaces with external Client App and/or Portal, the Offer Catalog and the Profile Manager
  •     The Interaction Gateway orchestrates real-time offer provisioning through external network components such as OCS and PCRF

Why Openet?

Openet have enabled innovative offer creation and monetization with many of the world’s leading service providers. Our Real-time offer manager enables operators to launch new offers quickly without third-party vendor assistance. In addition Openet have successfully deployed Real-time Offer Manager with two tier one operators, and are in advanced discussions around further implementations.


An Award Winning solution

Real-time Offer Manager was named best overall new product/service at the 2014 Fierce Innovation Awards. Openet was selected from more than 200 applications to win the coveted industry prize. The solution was also selected as the winner of the B/OSS category by a panel of judges from the operator community.


Fierce Innovation Award Winner

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