Partner Engagement Platform

Create new, competitive service offerings in conjunction with third party partners

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Today, Operators are working with an ever increasing number of third parties – digital service providers, OTTs, MVNOs, and many more content and functionality partners – all wanting to configure tailored services. These services largely require tailored QoS, real-time reporting, charging, rating, and service provisioning. Setting up each partner relationship, and associated offers, takes time and effort, with the burden falling on the network operator. The Openet Partner Engagement Platform (PEP) facilitates the automation of the complexities involved in on boarding third parties to enable delivery of services on your network. Access to the operators and third party services can be configured directly by the prospective partner, subject to the limitations defined by the operator. Ease of implementation and time to market for new services is dramatically improved to the benefit of both parties.

Operators must engage now to gain the benefits of offering their customers the services they want. They are in a prime position to facilitate the rapid rollout of competitive offerings, where both the operator and the enterprise capitalize on market advancements. Openet’s PEP provides increased efficiency in the engagement between the operator and the enterprise or third party, minimizing the burden on the operator in the provision of new services. Additional revenue is created for the operators by deploying a system which enables efficiently manages the double sided business model required to manage over the top service providers. This enhanced engagement model results in reduced enterprise and operational costs and fast time to market.  

Openet’s PEP supports the creation of new, competitive service offerings in conjunction with third party partners. As our products are fundamentally agnostic, PEP ensures seamless integration with existing infrastructures, which is essential where multiple third party engagements may be at play. With a modular solution foundation, PEP provides unrivalled business agility and use case flexibility. Openet PEP enables content providers and 3rd parties to access the subscriber, while improving the Operator’s wholesale data revenue. Crucially, the end user is provided with the services they truly want.


The Openet Partner Engagement Platform consists of the Openet Interaction Gateway, Openet Offer Catalog, and Openet Reporting Module. These are then configured alongside the Existing BSS

  • Interaction Gateway provides the interface for the third parties to engage with the network BSS for service definition. Contractually defined rules are enforced at this point to ensure that services can only be defined as has been agreed between both companies
  • Interaction Gateway also serves to engage with the subscribers, notifying them about applicable services and allowing them to engage / subscribe
  • Offer Catalog manages the catalog of offers, and is integrated with the existing BSS for service implementation once defined
  • Reporting Module creates reports on service effectiveness, uptake, charging and usage rates, for communication with the third party as well as the host operator