MVNO PCC Enablement

Service Enablement: Delivering a Win-Win for both MVNOs and MNOs

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MVNO PCC Enablement

In order for MVNOs to build the services they need to grow market share in the digital market it is essential that they have the systems to give them a competitive edge. MVNOs need to be enabled to configure and deliver services the same way that MNOs (mobile network operators) do.  This includes the ability to rate and process data records in real-time as well as being able to control and provision subscriber offers.  Historically, MNOs believed that it was too risky to expose their network to the MVNOs resulting in basic service offerings and limited success within the market. By significantly simplifying the architecture and exposing APIs, the MVNO can monitor data usage in real-time in addition to supporting innovative services to meet the needs of today’s customers. At the same time, MNOs can capitalize on the flexibility of the platform to drive additional revenues from wholesale traffic.


How it is Delivered


The Value for MVNOs

Openet offer system integration support to hand-hold MVNOs through the process of configuring controls for an MVNO. The Openet PCC Enablement solution allows subscriber consumption to be charged in real-time eliminating the financial risk for the MVNO. The ability to quickly launch new PCC use cases such as usage notifications, contextually aware up-sells offers and shared data plans will allow MVNOs to compete effectively within their target markets.


The Value for MNOs

Openet’s MVNO PCC Enablement solution not only provides a differentiated offering for MNOs to offer to their MVNO customers, it also provides peace of mind for operators in relation to system and service support, security, configuration and maintenance. This fully virtualized solution is scalable and supports multi-tenancy resulting in a reduction in operational overheads for the MNO. The on-boarding process is tightly defined, greatly improving the process for the MNO operator more attractive to potential new MVNOs.


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