Intelligent Network (IN) Replacement

Replace legacy IN systems with online charging for all services in a data centric world

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IN platforms were primarily installed to provide charging and service control for voice and text services to prepay customers. Many of these platforms are now reaching end of life and operators are facing an upgrade decision. Openet’s IN replacement solution allows operators to perform online charging for all services (IP based and legacy SS7) on one next generation platform while maintaining support for circuit switched voice and SMS through a service control point (SCP)

How IN Replacement Works

Reduce costs, accelerate time to market and simplify customer propositions

Charging silos for pre and post pay are a constraint to operators and stifle service delivery and innovation. This results in unnecessary duplication of effort and a longer time to market for marketing offers and new services. Openet’s IN replacement solution eliminates separate workflows for prepay and post-pay teams. All changes, updates and improvements can be made available to both segments reducing the cycle for offer introduction and simplifying the customer proposition.

Ability to offer Dynamic Services to differentiate products and offerings

Today’s data use cases such as data service passes; application service passes and shared data plans are difficult and costly to implement on traditional, inflexible IN platforms. New dynamic pricing models are also emerging where users can purchase additional entitlements and have them charged and provisioned in real-time. Openet provides an end to end solution to allow for the creation of these dynamic and personalised offers, the rich communication of offers via smartphone apps and the real-time provisioning of these offers for post-pay and pre-pay customers.


What's the next step?

Migrating IN services to form PCC+

This paper examines how combined OCS and SCP can enable operators to move away from legacy IN charging and provide a platform for innovation to cater for new offers and services.

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