Advanced Policy and Charging Controls

Providing real-time capability and flexibility to improve customer experience allowing service providers to differentiate their offerings

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Turning Innovation into Revenue

Openet’s policy and charging solutions provide the capability for service providers to control their network and monetize the wide range of new digital services that are being developed. The solutions support a wide range of use cases including on-demand services, real- time upgrades, sponsored data, shared data, service passes, VoLTE QoS management and notification alerts.

Fast Track Digital Transformation

All too often service providers look to long term, expensive billing transformation projects to get ready for digital. The problem is that by the time these projects are finished they’re already out of date. Openet has implemented its real-time charging system as an adjunct for legacy billing systems (which work fine for billing circuit switched voice traffic) and IN based charging systems. This way all usage for data services (including VoLTE) for all customers gets collected, rated and charged in real-time using Openet. A rated data usage record then gets passed to the legacy billing system for billing. This fast track approach provides the basis for service providers to make their monetization systems digital ready in months – not years.

Openet’s PCC solution offers the performance, low latency, and scalability required to handle thousands of transactions per second (TPS) that are required for complex policy and charging scenarios.

Bill Shock

Prevent “bill shock”, build loyalty, and encourage customers to spend more on mobile data and roaming services.

Intelligent Network (IN) Replacement

Replace legacy IN systems with convergent real-time charging for all services in a data centric world

MVNO PCC Enablement

Service Enablement: Delivering a Win-Win for both MVNOs and MNOs

Partner Engagement Platform

Openet’s PEP supports the creation of new, competitive service offerings in conjunction with third party partners

PCC Insight

Reports and analytics integrated with Openet policy and charging solutions

Real-time Offer Manager

Increase offer uptake and data revenues by enabling real-time contextual offers direct to the customer device

Roaming Controls

Awaken dormant roamers with direct to device data roaming offers

Shared Data Plans

Shared Data allows users to share data balances in real-time with other users and multiple devices.

Sponsored Data

Integrated PCC enables a two sided business model that benefits both the operator and the content provider

Tiered Service Controls

Increase data revenue with highly segmented data tiers featuring different usage allowances and interim data limits.