Openet VNF Lifecycle Manager - Enabling Open NFV

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Weaver is Openet's VNF Lifecycle Manager, originally known as OVLM. It is a generic VNF Manager for configuration management, monitoring, recovery, orchestration and lifecycle management of diverse multi domain and multi-vendor VNFs.

It is available as a “Free To Use” Community edition.

Our experience has required Openet to solve many of the management and orchestration (MANO) issues that are impeding NFV adoption in production systems. We see some VNF vendors insisting on delivering bespoke VNF Managers, citing specific performance or complexity issues.

The effort to integrate such bespoke VNFs not only demands that operators provide complex VNF on-boarding processes, but also reintroduces the spectre of vendor-lock-in. This will not help with the adoption of NFV and will impact the competitiveness of operators.

Another significant limitation with managing VNFs and which we have overcome is a lifecycle management function that is truly VNF software driven and not based on simple Virtual Machine driven management. This is key to supporting efficient in-service VNF updating and auto-healing.

OVLM provides a solution to these issues and has enabled Openet’s Tier1 customers to successfully manage multiple VNFs at scale, OVLM has already delivered spectacular improvements in handling deployment of VNFs across hundreds of servers in multiple data centres. OVLM provides a multi-tenant and metadata-driven architecture to deliver a highly flexible and converged generic VNFM and EMS layer to manage the variation of lifecycle management requirements for diverse VNFs. It simplifies integration by providing the operator’s global orchestrator a single unified interface to manage the lifecycle of all the VNFs on their network instead of having to integrate with separate VNFM and EMS silos.

Weaver is available for download from our dedicated microsite here.