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NFV- Not Just for Networks

As the evolution of Network Functions Virtualization continues and deployments move from Proof of Concept to production, the business case becomes paramount and NFV enabled solutions must be able to generate new revenue and reduce costs. Key to delivering this is integrating NFV with OSS/BSS capabilities, from full life cycle VNF orchestration and automation through systems enabling monetizing, access control, and revenue handling. Changes will also be needed in mediation and data preparation to support the dynamic nature of the network and new Operational KPIs (for example to decide if a new service meets Customer Experience or ROI targets).

Simply extending existing OSS/BSS models to account for virtualization will not be sufficient, because this approach will not support the new value-added capabilities and services provided by NFV, it is not just for Network Functions.

Virtualizing BSS

Openet is making NFV pay in the Real World by virtualizing its full BSS capability, offering a highly agile and flexible system capable of testing, developing, launching and monetizing new services and business models quickly. It also provides a Big Data Preparation Engine to manage the ingestion, preparation and streaming of the data generated by the new dynamic programmable networks.

Openet NFV solutions are already successfully deployed at scale in several major Tier 1 CSPs across the globe, supporting hundreds of VNFs across multiple datacenters and reducing the time needed to deploy, configure, and update solutions from days to minutes.

A founding principle of NFV is vendor independence requiring unprecedented interoperability. Openet is uniquely vendor agnostic integrating with all well-known Virtual Network Function (VNF) Vendors, Virtualized Infrastructure Managers (VIM) and Orchestrators. Opener’s Generic VNF-Manager, removes a major pain point in managing diverse VNFs and assists Operators and System Integrators to avoid vendor-lock, accelerate cost effective NFV ecosystem build outs and bring new services and products online faster and in a more robust manner.

Openet has been in the vanguard at delivering carrier grade, scalable NFV enabled solutions and is a member of the ETSI Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) Industry Specification Group and the Intel Network Builders ecosystem. 

Introducing Openet Accelerate, a dedicated business unit by Openet.

At Openet Accelerate, we understand agility is limited by existing infrastructure and workflow processes. With long deployment times and high deployment costs, viable business cases are only possible for services with a wide mass market appeal. We are excited to introduce our innovative automation enabling components, and revolutionizing Service Capsules.

We help operators take advantage of modern automated network technology to realise positive business outcomes. We provide the tools to rapidly describe, deploy and operate services such as VOLTE and IOT which can easily fit into existing network infrastructures.

With Openet Accelerate, you can profit from automated networks, today.


Openet VNF Lifecycle Manager