Network Optimization

Improve quality of experience, reduce cost and maximise revenue through efficient and proactive management of network resources

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Network Optimization

An operator’s infrastructure is an ever increasingly complex place. Increasing ARPU, reduction of operational expenditure and a greater level of quality of service for end customers are all goals that operators are chasing.  To achieve these goals operator’s need to make sure they are making efficient use of the network resources they have to hand and perhaps more importantly are proactively managing them.

Openet have developed a suite of solutions in the area of Network Optimization that can help operators realize these goals and better manage their network.  Our solutions give operators greater control of network usage by their subscribers. Operators can automatically connect their customers to defined mobile and Wi-Fi networks and make intelligent offload decisions through integration with policy and charging control systems. By extending policy and charging rules to Wi-Fi networks, operators can ensure consistency across access networks and improve the customer quality of experience as well as proactively managing their network resources.

Couple this with Openet’s expertise in the area of congestion management, giving operators greater visibility and control of issues occurring on the network, and it empowers operators with the ability to control their network and drive reduction in operational expenditure.

Operators who implement a strategy of Network Optimization can hope to see a reduction or delay in the need for additional network capital investment and it can also allow them to respond better to unforeseen network events. There is also the added benefit of increasing the subscriber experience for their customers by ensuring better network coverage and an improved quality of experience.

Network Selection Intelligence

Automatically connect mobile customers to defined mobile and Wi-Fi networks with intelligent offload decisions through integration with policy and charging control systems

RAN Congestion Management

Manage network capacity augmentation costs while sustaining the data experience of your key subscribers in times and areas of congestion.


Ensure optimized network performance to deliver the best network experience

Voice over LTE

Ensure high quality of IP-based voice services in LTE networks with a standards compliant policy solution for VoLTE