Big Data Preparation

Turning Big Data into Smart Data to Drive Real Business Value

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Big, Smart and Fast

In order for service providers to use big data efficiently and effectively, the data sets should be “right-sized”. This means transforming the raw collected data into “Smart Data” which provides instantaneously useful, holistic views of the customer plus context.  This smart data is also available for action in minutes rather than months. In order to enable this new approach to getting value from big data CSPs are looking to big data preparation to collect, prepare and manage data from many different sources, and make it available to a wide range of systems that use this data – ranging from data management systems to operational systems. Big data preparation can manage the massive volume and increased velocity of data that digital transformation is driving, and enable CSPs to provide the foundation for running a smarter digital business.

Big Data Preparation Engine

Openet’s Big Data Preparation Engine (BDPE) is transformational technology designed to quickly process very high volumes of diverse data providing the front-end preparation and integration of big data for consumption. BDPE is cost-effective, scalable, fully virtualized and provides actionable information.  It is used to minimize the costs and complexity of managing massive data volumes and realize value from new business intelligence use cases, on-demand, at scale and in real-time.



Revenue and Network Assurance for Digital Services and Virtualized Networks

Audience Measurement

Measure viewing habits on cable, IPTV, and mobile networks and across devices for insight and optimized ad revenue

Big Data Preparation

Enabling operators to ensure the quality and speed of the data fed to analytics platforms.

Proactive Network Maintenance

Enabling Customer Focused Network Management