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Experts in Smarter Engagement

Service providers have a ready-made market to sell new digital services to. They have multi-million customer bases that regularly pay every month to use their services. Through smarter engagement with their customers, service providers can increase their relevance in their customers’ digital world. Having the real-time and automated systems and processes in place they can develop and offer the right services to the right customers at the right time. 

Marketing - Keep Your Digital Brand Promise

Your brand is critical to everything you do. Marketplace success can only be driven by a consistent brand experience to differentiate your service and fight commoditization. Enabling the Digital, Honest, Simple brand that you aspire to be means giving your customers real-time digital engagement from right across their interface points. You need to work around the myriad systems in place in order to deliver the real-time customer value that delivers on your brand promise and builds more relevance and trust with their customers.

Experience - Turn Subscribers into Customers, and on Into Members

Do you have subscribers? Are these just faceless individuals who pay to use your service? Or do you have customers, people that you understand and who interact with you, but still can be swayed by a lower cost offer from your competitors. Or do you have members, who receive personalized offers from you, who value and relate to your messaging and your brand and who take loyalty to the next level? Enabling smarter engagement and personalization is the first step toward value based marketing that drives ‘membership’ and increased loyalty.

Delivering Faster Digital Journeys

Openet deliver solutions that solve customer challenges and deliver measurable value. Below are some of our success stories:

Areas We Deliver Value

Openet’s expertise in real-time solutions and enables us to work with the most innovative service providers to help them fast track their digital journeys.

Network Resource Management

Manage and best utilize scarce network resources


Turning Digital Services into Revenue

Superior Customer Experience

Increase relevance, increase revenues

Data Management & Intelligence

Turning big data into meaningful, real-time insight

NFV Realization

Enable service providers to deliver business agility

MVNO Enablement

Everything an MVNO needs to launch fast and operate profitably with minimum risk

How We Work With You

Openet has the expertise and track record to work with you to turn challenges into opportunities and increase your share of your customers’ spend on digital services. Our expertise and focus will help you move to digital engagement channels and all real-time, automated solution

Software Deployments

Award winning solutions enabling fast track digital roll out


Professional and managed services to ensure projects delivered and managed on time, on budget and are delivering value.


Systems and business consulting for the digital journey

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