VPIsystems is the leading provider of predictive network analytics software. VPIsystems’ OnePlan is the industry’s first fully integrated environment for end-to-end mobile network modeling & subscriber quality assurance that starts at the Smartphone level to manage congestion and project traffic load across the link & network element layers of a mobile operators’ RAN, Packet Core, and Voice Core networks. By identifying traffic sources by subscriber group, device and service, OnePlan predicts when and where congestion points will happen and suggests when and where to reconfigure or add resources to resolve congestion. OnePlan predicts hot spots/resource shortages and suggests when and where to add capacity so that operators can do proactive performance management.

Service providers are demanding increasingly sophisticated policy management and network analytics solutions to manage RAN congestion associated with smartphone and service uptake. Openet has long been using policy management to address traffic and bandwidth challenges and as wireless operators continue to seek network transparency, network analytic capabilities are becoming increasingly crucial.

Openet and VPIsystems have partnered in order to offer operators Openet’s Policy Manager platform bundled with VPIsystems’ predictive analytics technology, to create a unique solution Openet Predictive Congestion Management, to ensure Subscriber Quality of Experience and network performance.

With this partnership, Openet and VPIsystems ensure that these solutions are integrated to optimize the subscriber experience and reduce network costs.

About VPI

VPIsystems incorporates accurate translation of subscriber, device and application growth into network impact analysis and traffic management systems, enabling mobile service providers to make real-time business decisions. The company’s predictive analystics software enables optimized solutions for the massive bandwidth requirements in backhaul and core networks. Serving the telecommunications industry since 1997, VPIsystems has been the leading vendor of design and planning applications to network operators worldwide.

Headquartered in Somerset, NJ, and with offices in Europe and Asia, VPIsystems’ software is used by over 150 communications service providers, network equipment manufacturers and leading-edge research institutions to assess current and future capacity needs, and to optimally plan QoS-constrained service networks and underlying network infrastructure. For further information, visit us at www.vpisystems.com.

Press Release

Openet and VPIsystems Partner for Network and Subscriber Optimization