Virtualized, stateful systems that elastically and automatically scale resources is a fundamental requirement for lowering cost and risk associated with service deployment and upgrade. Openet supports deployments in both virtualized and bare metal environments, simplifying the deployment of large distributed systems and facilitating industry evolution toward NFV/SDN.

For more than two years, Openet has supported virtualized deployments at tier-one operators. These deployments have lowered capex & opex, reduced risk in lifecycle management, reduced time to market, and enabled more targeted service introductions. More information here.

Today we are investing heavily in linear and elastically scalable stateful solutions that meet the Network Functions Virtualization initiative (NFV) requirements for vendor agnosticism, standards compliance, and simple orchestration.

Technical innovations supporting virtualization include a unique cluster architecture that enables management of distributed systems as a single entity. In addition, a durable in-memory relational database reduces the need for SAN based storage and significantly enhances linear scalability and throughput.

These activities support Openet’s vision of flexible deployment options, including pay-per-use infrastructure, hosted infrastructure, and infrastructure in service of different industry verticals.

Openet has been selected as the policy provider for a externally hosted “policy as a service” deployment. More information here.