Two primary drivers for virtualization amongst service providers are cost reduction and rapid service introduction.  Virtualization enables CPS reduce capital costs by consolidating hardware using commercial off the shelf servers rather than proprietary hardware. The ease of deployment of virtualized applications using open standards significantly reduces operational costs and speeds deployment by simplifying integration and automation.  However, Virtualization is also increasingly important as an aid to new revenue generation by, for example:

  • Bringing new services to the market sooner
  • Enabling innovative and differentiated services to be launched at lower cost and risk
  • Improving customer QoE e.g. by “right sizing” capacity in the Network
  • Enabling support for MVNO, IoT and M2m by simplifying multi-tenancy and reducing on-boarding costs

Key to realising these business benefits is ensuring OSS/BSS can deliver on the promises of NFV such as agility, reduced TCO, increased elasticity and greater service availability. That is why Openet has virtualized its full BSS capability. Openet can offer a highly agile and flexible system capable of testing, developing, launching and amending new services and business models much more quickly. This accelerates the availability of innovative new use cases and applications enabling operators to generate faster ROI for their network technology investments.

Openet has expertly deployed virtualized solutions across a range of global operators from Tier1 with 110m subscribers to Tier 3 with 50k subscribers. Openet is a member of the ETSI Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) Industry Specification Group and Openet solutions are NFV Complaint.

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