Openet is a leader in high-performance business support software solutions.  Our customers span nearly every continent, and include some of the largest and most complex communications companies on the planet.

The core of our value proposition is a comprehensive suite of products integrated through a ultra fast platform architecture that is flexible to meet the unique needs of our customers.  As virtualization technology has advanced, our customers are planning to adopt it at scale. Antipating this, Openet began investing in virtualization technology some years ago, ultimately making our next generation platform cloud ready.

This initiative incorporates all we’ve learned over hundreds of implementations and by processing billions of real-time transactions daily.

The promise of virtualization is about reduced cost and complexity. Openet’s next generation platform delivers, with solutions that are easier to buy, easier to integrate & deploy, easier to change, easier to test, easier to support, and easier to own.

Easier to buy:  Deploy in a 3rd party cloud, within a private cloud, at very small trial scale, or at production levels.

Easier to integrate and deploy: API’s and integration kits reduce the time and cost to “go live.”

Easier to change:  A modular architecture allows changes, new releases, technology upgrades and even bug fixes to be incorporated quickly without disruption to the other components.

Easier to test:  Test and stage releases on infrastructure scaling units that are identical to production.  Quickly and accurately test changes and move them into production with reduced risk.

Easier to support: Isolated customizations are easily traceable, making it easier for issues to be identified and resolved.

Easier to own: Faster deployment, reduced cost, increased stability.

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