MVNO Platform: 3 Networks and 9 brands with real-time control





TracFone is an MVNO in the US with over 20M customers. It provides service to its customers using AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile mobile networks. In addition to offering service under the Tracfone brand, the company also provides mobile service under other brands including Total Wireless, Simple Mobile, Page Plus Cellular, SafeLink Wireless, Walmart Family Mobile, Net10 Wireless, Straight Talk Wireless, and GoSmart Mobile.

Offering a no-contract, prepaid service, Tracfone need to ensure real-time controls for their customers quicker than the networks operators could. This is to ensure that data used is throttled in real-time when a customer’s data allowance is used up, and also to protect against fraud.


Openet supplied its Policy Manager with Balance Manager and Offer Catalogue to enable Tracfone to:

  • Enforce fair usage by throttling network speed when customers reach their data caps
  • Create multiple add-ons with varying durations and quota allowances
  • Enforce real-time fair usage restrictions with notifications
  • Launch shared data plans
  • Generate Event Detail Records to provide reporting capabilities
  • Provide data roaming service passes
  • Provide data volume / speed tiers


Being able to manage usage in real-time on their wholesale partners’ networks, Tracfone can offer a no contract prepaid service to 26 million customers. The real-time control provided by Openet’s Policy Manager system ensures customers cannot continue to use normal service when they’ve reached their data cap. The EDRs (event data records) generated by Openet’s Policy Manager are maintained in a Tracfone database that is used for internal analysis and reporting gives more insight into usage in order to ensure the optimal customer experience as well as intelligence to help develop new offers.


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